Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Why raise rabbits?

There are various reasons why many people all over the world are turning to rabbit farming. There are those who breed rabbits and sell them as pets and there are people who raise rabbits for its meat.

In the US, the demand for rabbit meat has been on the rise. However, because the supply for rabbit meat could not satisfy the demand for it, many people are turning to rabbit farming as a viable means of earning money. In Europe, rabbit has long been a part of every family’s dinner table. In fact, European countries supply 85% of the world’s rabbit production.

Rabbit meat has long been recognized as one of the leanest, most healthy alternative to beef and pork meat. It is low in cholesterol and high in protein, making it perfect for health-conscious individuals and meat lovers alike.

Some advantages of raising rabbits

  • The demand for rabbit meat is high mainly because it is a healthier alternative to its cholesterol-laden counterparts, pork and beef. Rabbit meats are delicate in flavor, low in fat, cholesterol and sodium

  • Rabbits reproduce and grow at a much faster rate compared to sheep, cows and pigs. A doe can produce 6 to 10 rabbits with a pregnancy period of only 30 days. This means a single female rabbit can produce as much as 35 young ones in a year

  • Rabbit skins and furs are great sources of additional income

  • Because rabbits generally have shorter generation interval and high reproduction rate, you can obtain high return with little investment. In fact, the capital for starting your own rabbit farm is relatively lower than raising other livestock

  • From backyard rabbit farms to large commercial rabbitry, rabbit farming are offer flexibility because the animal does not demand immense number of space. In fact, you can raise a small rabbit farm in your own backyard

  • Rabbits breed eight times per year regardless of seasons. This means, with the right conditions, you can maintain steady production each year.

For the most part, rabbits are very easy to maintain. However, farmers need to invest on excellent housing for these animals, as they are prone to diseases if kept in poorly ventilated cages. As long as they are given plenty of water, hay and pellets (normally made of alfalfa) they are bound to grow lean and healthy.

The space needed for rabbit farming are small compared to space needed to raise sheep or cows; the labor costs for maintenance and upkeep are extremely low. Because they take up smaller spaces, they can be raised in backyards, gardens and even indoors! This makes the investment to start your own rabbit farm low. The return from a rabbit farm will start in as little as seven or eight months.

GetRabbit mini farm is a revolutionary technology that allows breeders to raise rabbits for its meat and fur while maximizing space, increasing productivity while being absolutely eco-friendly. Each spacious cage allows rabbits to live in a clean and healthy environment without taking too much space and producing undesirable odors. The technology behind GetRabbit increases rabbit production 3 times than the average and 9 times the income. Talk about little investment and maximum profits!


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